Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Volunteers needed, please!

Can someone help me..............
I need to get out of bed, but my legs aren't working!
I need to wash my hair, but my arms simply won't go up!
And apparently, childbirth has removed all stomach muscles that I swear were once there!!

So tonight will be day 3 of this Bootcamp thing!

Day One consisted of an "orientation".............well, that orientation pretty much kicked my ass! I ran a 13.50 minute mile.......BUT----------I ran the whole way!
I did situps and pushups in a minute.................We sprinted and lunged and added some jumping jacks. Sounds easy, huh?

Day Two consisted of ripping apart all of my abdomen and rolling around in the mud. Apparently, I did not complete our fiber and protein "intake" form correctly which resulted in "extra credit". Now, growing up, I always strived for extra credit...........Well, this "extra credit" was 5 additional minutes of pure torture.

We (that would be my friend and I) had to crawl on all fours up an incline and then crawl backwards back to the starting point...............So, as my wet ass was jacked up toward the sky, I began questioning the logic in all of this. I began to analyze where $199 could have been spent elsewhere. I stared at the teenagers playing volleyball with there tight little butts. Not a good attitude? probably not.

So instead of continuing on to tennis practice, I slipped behind the wheel and cruised to Wendy's. I was STARVING!
Now, I will admit that never in my life have I ever had to look at a label, count a calorie or actually think about what I was eating until Big Papa came into my life. So, as my mom says, I should count my blessings for that.........Be proud that it has taken this many years for my metabolism to come to a complete halt.
As I stared at the menu through the drive through, I began to wonder what it would hurt to just have one small order of fries and a little bity tiny frosty. Don't worry, I left with a fabulous grilled chicken salad. YUMMY..........really, who would want fries and a frosty when a yummy grilled chicken salad awaited them, right?

Ok, I need a better attitude. I really am gonna enjoy the end result. And I enjoy being active and outside and I can do anything for a month, right?

So, Today, I wonder what body part will be tortured..........................


Julie, the mama said...

I love the play by play. I've been thinking about you this week, and wondering how it was going. Continue to keep us posted. I'm sure you'll see the perks of the torture soon.

I'm jealous of your motivation.

Smyrna Townie said...

I understand we are picking Jeff up tonight for the trip to Fado. Should be fun! We just booked our flights this week for the trip to Jax for the GA/FL game. I'm not sure how well the game will go, but it should be fun nevertheless.