Thursday, January 29, 2009

Note to my dad..........

For those that may not know, my Dad spends a lot of time actually IN the Jungle..... The real Jungle, not just the crazy chaos that circles his grandchildren!! I have decided to use my blog as a chance to fill him in on his little grand MONKEYS........So bare with me !!

Oh, and if you are interested in a really cool trip........he's a great trip planner, check out his website! And don't worry, for the "Pampered at Heart" vacationers, he has fancy places too!!

Hi Dad,
Monkeys are great! A little ear infection for Legs, but it hasn't seemed to slow him down any!! I don't think you are checking in with me as often so i hope that means you are so busy selling that you will be home soon. And not that you have turned into a SLOTH and won't be down for months when it's finally time to relieve yourself!! ha ha ha.....You will be happy to know that i graduated top in my class at my driving school! Of course, there were just 2 of us but still! I also got to brag about the Joshua Brown foundation which hopefully helped with extra points. Anyway, I'll keep it short today, so hope to hear from you soon!

GOOD News...........BAD News

GOOD News........
I've been told pictures are safe!!

BAD News...........
Computer guy has hijacked the hardrive and is seeking monetary reward before return...Ok, just kidding, of course we have to pay the guy, but SERIOUSLY, it's time to return the computer!! Enough already, i am having Internet withdrawals... Not quite as bad as Starbucks withdrawals but COME ON !!

Keep you posted on the safe return of our baby!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stay Tuned............

Having some temporary computer problems at crashed!! So, I will get Disney pictures posted as soon as my savior brings my computer back to me safe and sound and with all of my pictures. Yes, i know, i should have done a million things differently than let all 1 million of my pictures float aimlessly on a hardrive.......I have learned a valuable lesson and will be making some changes :)
No lectures please!!
But suggestions on how to save them would be appreciated!! Although Kim pretty much already told me what to do, i just didn't do it!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

DISNEY.....Here we come !!! some people plan Disney trips for months and months and months.... And then there are others that decide totally last minute to go..........AND then there are those that not only decide totally last minute but still manage to have PINK personalized Minnie Mouse shirts done!!
Stay tuned for MINNIE (ha ha ha) pictures to come...................

Monday, January 19, 2009

Close to my heart.........

So my first little monkey came early on Christmas Eve '05...........This is such a sweet book! Highly recommend.......... Even after Christmas!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's a jungle out there..............

It happened.........I became THAT mom. The one i always said i'd never be.........cause, you know, my kids were going to be perfect! So i picked baby girl up from "school" aka DAYCARE yesterday and was handed a grocery bag with soiled panties. Ok, no problem, we had an accident, NO BIG DEAL.........Moved on to pick up baby boy.....Then baby girl began to protest. a very loud protest. that then proceeded to develop into a tantrum......So, as she was laying on the floor of baby boy's school, she began a loud version of NATIVE CHANTING! I quietly tried to reason with her and realized i had forgotten to take a class in Crazy Jungle Language, so i quickly stepped over her and moved on to pick up baby boy. And i guess as most members of tribes would do, baby boy decided to join in his sisters CHANTING! As they both broke out into their matching TRIBAL Dances and Chants, i quickly grabbed all bottles, coats, hats, blankets, lovies, paperwork and anything else i could grab, meanwhile feeling the giant stares of MOMMIES everywhere. Some sympathetic and some NOT so sympathetic.

Now, time to get them in the car. Holding one and dragging the other, I managed to throw all paraphenalia in the front seat, Dear Savior BIG JIM rescued me and helped put baby boy in his seat while i used all body strength to heave my 27 pound baby girl into her seat. Now, 27 pounds doesn't sound like much, but she has an amazing talent of tripling body mass, performing new types of pilates, and maneuvering her way out of that seat!

All while chanting crazy jungle language.....AKA.........screaming at the top of their lungs!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Setting myself up for SUCCESS............

My NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS for 2009............. I decided to finally finish what i started in '08 and jump on board the BLOG wagon for '09!! Just in time for something else to pop up as a new and improved, but OH WELL here goes........

I make no promises that you will find insight or humor or anything other than a MAMA Monkey in love with the jungle she lives in and the MONKEYS that fill it up!