Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Ok, so what do you do when your 3 year old daughter puts a headband on her little brother......And he won't let you take it off!!

Not even for school......................

Well, I just left it :)

And fortunately he ripped it off as we walked into school.............................

Perfect Timing, not that I care, because he does have beautiful golden locks, that look really smashing in a headband...............

This is an old picture from the hubby's phone, but i just love it!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Maybe a beach movie??????

Ok, someone let me know if this works..........should be a bunch of pictures with music playing.......
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Friday, September 18, 2009

A + Report Card..................

Big Papa has had a great week.......................Reports his teachers and fellow friends!!

We're looking forward to a great weekend with Birthday Parties, Indigo Girls for mommy, and a whole bunch of FOOTBALL!

Go Dawgs!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A phone call you never want to get.........................

I was five minutes from our Daycare yesterday and my phone rings. If the time had been earlier in the day, you get the "oh no" feeling, afraid the call is reporting a FEVER or another ailment sure to cause 24hours of staying home!!!

But seeing Oxford's number didn't sound off any of my alarms, so I answered with a friendly "HI." On the other end, was the Director and Owner of our Daycare making a strained attempt at a calm yet informative call.



"Everything is fine."

"Are you on your way to pick up?"


"Well, the EMT and Firetruck are here with an Ambulance on the way, He's fine, he's just fallen and hit his head and there is a concern he may have had a seizure."

Numbing hysteria takes over my body. And I endured the longest 5 minutes of my life.

As I turn the corner onto their street, I see the school lit up with emergency vehicles and the road blocked. A feeling I don't think I can even put into words.......A sight, I will never forget.

I whip into the church lot across the street and just run......Not having any idea what is awaiting me just inside the door. I am greeted with FAMILY that just yesterday, were teachers and administrators, but today, are FAMILY. It was a controlled chaos for them but for me, all I can see are several emergency workers hovered over my baby. My knees buckle but I am quickly swept up by someone I can only describe as my Angel. My other Mom. Cindy quickly grabs me and gets me so he can see me........Although pale and very confused, he recognizes me and then does what I hope he will always do..........Reach for me.

I sweep him up and sit on a bench that I am sure GOD himself put there........My baby was pale and a little green in hue, and very confused by everthing. I am holding him and trying to listen to everyone, figure out what happened, get the low down on his vitals, not retain any information at all but watched through glossed over eyes the most amazing people do their job.

Over 4 years ago, the hubby and I walked into Oxford and new it was the place we wanted our children. Not once since April 2006 did I question that decision. I certainly didn't need an emergency to add to my confidence.

Yesterday, I watched people that love me and my babies DO THEIR JOB. They stayed calm, so I didn't have to. They took charge, so I didn't have to. They filed other children out and to their parents, directed traffic, answered questions, took phone calls, and held me. As I sat and held my baby, smelling his curls, wiping "our" tears, saying my prayers.........Around me, my car was brought over, carseats were removed, friends came in, Ems got a playdate, we got loaded into an Ambulance, they were directed to Childrens Scottish Rite, and the hubby finally made it!!

He got a quick hug and he and Cindy piled in my car and we headed to the hospital.............In the longest ambulance ride I have ever imagined possible. Just so you know, it is NOT like on TV. As I sat in the front seat, where I was told I had to sit, we went every slow way possible, hit every redlight possible and didn't exceed 65miles an hour. ever. It was grueling. My baby screamed for me for 45minutes straight. We do not live 45 minutes from the hospital. Awful.

However, I am thrilled we were in the ambulance. Just so you know, once you can get to the hospital, you get seen immediately if you arrive in an ambulance. There was a whole team waiting on us as we arrived, including 2 grandparents that beat us to the hospital by at least 30minutes waiting very anxiously.

As everyone is asking questions, and I, of course, couldn't even remember my name, fortunately had Cindy there to give all the details of the fall............Oh yeh, the details----Apparently, Big Papa took a spill and hit his head hard on the floor. Miss Rebecca picked him up and he turned blue and passed out...........although just for a short time, you don't mess around with head injuries.

So we finally got him out of the carseat that was strapped to the gurney and off we went to a room. Leaving behind a Grandmother, a CiCi and a G-Daddy very concerned with Big Jimp quickly on the way.

Once back in our room, we were seen pretty quickly.......And although he got a pretty good clean bill of health, a CAT scan was a must........Oh and so were 2 barney movies, Little Mermaid, bubbles and the sweetest nurses you could ever imagine.

And the best was watching his little personality come back and some of the hysteria leaving my body. We knew he was much better as he high fived the nurses and requested some snacks.....not so quietly!!

Time for the CAT scan.......I tell you what, these are professionals. As I laid him down on the table, we look up and NEMO is staring back down at our baby. Not sure about your home, but NEMO is very popular at our house!! So, with paci in mouth, we talked alot about NEMO as he so sweetly let Miss Bethany wrap in him tight straps and ease him into the CAT scan. What a little trooper.....he was perfect!

And he still is!!

All checked out well and we were out by around 9:15.

2 juice boxes and 4 graham crackers later, he was skipping and jumping down the hallway to see his loved ones. And man does he have some loved ones!! 4 smiling (not including mama and daddy) faces greeted him with big hugs and he shared tons of grins, tons of hugs and sweet kisses for all who wanted them.

We are blessed. And although I know it won't be his last fall, I am certainly praying for that to be my last visit to the emergency room. But if it isn't, I know where to go, I know who to bring with me, and I know God is present.

And boy do I have some good people in my life! Today has been filled with many phone calls, plenty of emails and a WELCOME into school today that will warm your heart! A big THANK YOU to Oxford.........Cici & Big Jimp, Ms. Cheryl, Miss Allison, Miss Rebecca, Miss April, Miss Tara, Miss Kelly, Aunt Tiffany & Uncle Steve, Laura, Lori, Betsy, Mommy, Daddy, All emergency people, Scottish Rite staff, heavens I could just keep going and going...........

Thank you to God, the hubby, and for 2 very healthy babies.................even with a little bump on the noggin!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When the cats away.......................

The mice will play !!!!

What a great weekend...................The hubby had a busy week working late, haircuts & furniture pick ups, as well as leaving town early Thursday morning. So, of course, me and the monkeys had a blast! Starting with dinner at little azio's on Wednesday evening. It is so fun watching Big Papa, Ems & Madison play together......Ems plays mama and the other two see how much trouble they can get into!! If there is a bug, they'll look at it, If there is a fountain, they'll be wet, If there's a hill, they'll climb it and If you aren't fast, they will surely touch something they shouldn't!

So Thursday, we had an impromptu gathering of monkey friends.......

Madison, Caroline & baby William ate pizza and played with us right up until bathtime!!!

Between the backyard & the play room, the kids had a blast pushing strollers, playing kitchen and giggling non stop! We even managed to get them to eat a few veggies! Then it was bathtime for four and bed for us all.............Well, except for Ems, but that is another post!!

So, as Friday rolled in, more fun was to come...........Went to Zucca's for dinner with some of my favorite people........The Smith Family & The Welch Family.....................Some of the best people I am blessed to know! Dinner was great, although some plants lost their lives and a few "gun control" topics came up, we had a great dinner..... Even ran into other fellow "Oxford" friends and the kids played around the fountain.

So, with full bellies, all the monkey's went home, took baths, and bedtime arrived. Well, except for Ems, but, again, that is another post!!

Saturday mornings are our "MUSIC CLASS" days! Which we love. And by "WE" I kind of mean the kids, cause face it, after several years of doing this, it isn't always easy to get up and down, dance all around, keep moving........ok, sorry, that was totally a wiggles song!! But the kids really love running around, dancing, singing, and playing with all the instruments!!

Once everyone had sung till their hearts content, we ran home to hang out with Miss Kelly and Audrey. The mommy's were going SHOPPING...........Well, we were helping one of our new mommy to be's get some baby registering! And I do love me some baby registering!! We knocked out the furniture in 2 stores flat, and hit Babies R Us............And by hit, I mean Lori took the gun, took charge, and left us running behind her trying to see what she's shooting! Oh, and did I mention that Jessica was the "Mom To Be?" It was hilarious and had us laughing the whole time............

Oh, and the day didn't end there...................After a few minutes of solitude while our kiddos slept, a new game plan was made.........Which, of course, included FOOTBALL since it was Saturday, you know!! And where else can Moms with crazy kids actually watch football? Why The Palazzo's home, of course!!

And in a group consensus, We decided if ever we had inclement weather, we wanted to get stuck at The Palazzos! With a basement full of playrooms and media rooms and a fridge stocked with beer and food, where better to watch the DAWGS play some ball.............

It warms my heart to see my monkey's play so hard and laugh so much!! They may squabble here and there but how blessed are we to have such great friends. I love watching how they grow together and how each and everyone of their little personalities are growing bigger and bigger. What one does, they all do. Even if the little one's can't quite do what the big ones are doing, it's such a joy watching them.

And for my own monkey's? Ems is such a girly girl..........With tea parties and babies and always a crown, She's pretty shy but so very loving.....Her little brother may push around the dolls, but if you don't watch out, he's likely to give you the old body slam! He's far from shy and is such a comedian but he's my snuggler.........And the great thing about friends? Is I can count on them to pick up where I might be baseball, or throwing, or choir practice on wednesdays!

Now, by the time bedtime drew near, we were all pretty beat but still managed bath and books before hitting the sheets............Well, except for Ems, Did I happen to mention I'll be doing a post on this???

So, Sunday should have included church, for sure..............but pj's and an Ice Cream social at the end of the day, seemed a little more our speed...............

And of course, A bath was a must with all the vanilla and sprinkles that got consumed!! For me too, since I couldn't help but kissing their cute little dirty faces and holding all those sticky little hands. I live for the weekends, since work is a must during the week. We laughed and played in the tub, read our favorite books (Big papa's is The Very Hungry Caterpillar book by Eric Carle
and Ems loves anything princess) and off to bed we went...............OK, OK, You get it, I'm having some sleep issues with my little princess................Hoping the SuperNanny cameras are hiding somewhere and Jo Frost will appear soon, right?

Anyway, sleep finally came for all of us and we got ready to start a new week...................And to quickly clean the house before the hubby came home late Monday night :)

Monday, September 14, 2009


Yes, baby girl.........

"Do you still have gas?"


good think we were next to QuickTrip!!

Friday, September 4, 2009


What better way to end summer........Popsicles for dinner.........They are the all natural fruit kind.......doesn't that make it better? ha ha ha

Looking forward to a great weekend, full of family time, friends and FOOTBALL!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A little bathtub soup..........

check it out, a nice mix of veggies, donuts & puzzle pieces...........Compliments of the chefs!!

How stinking cute!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

You got to love September!!


Besides the arrival of beautiful weather, the nice change of season, and a great chance to change up the wardrobe.........................


Most importantly, SEC FOOTBALL!!

I have missed being a season ticket holder. Something I had been doing with friends since graduation........I don't think it would be fair to blame my children for the "giving up" of my seats. I have many friends who get to dress their children up in head to toe RED AND BLACK, parade them around campus, quickly hand them off to grandparents, and march into the game!!

I mean, Look at sweet Mary Reese!! Isn't she just the cutest in her favorite collegiate attire???

But we haven't done that...not yet, anyway..........mostly because it just seemed wrong to get them up really early, make them walk really far to the tailgate spot, try and direct grandparents to tailgate spot and hand them off........Ok, actually, it was really because of the drinking....yes, I said that. Selfish, I know, but how great is a day full of tailgating and football!!

Oh, and I didn't marry the right team.

that's right......we're a house divided........VERY DIVIDED.........

Now MY team actually holds the record at 46-38-2 (or 47-38-2 if you are a georgia fan and you count the 1904 win in Macon, GA.) however, I am constantly reminded of the most recent stretch of wins by his crocodiles. Did I say constantly? I mean constantly. For instance, he just peered over my shoulder and was wondering why HIS team picture wasn't posted. Don't worry, I quickly reminded him that this was MY blog..........

Now, in the beginning of our courtship and early part of our marriage, he was such a good sport..
Actually WORE georgia shirts! Cheered (even if he had to lay money on us just to give a good hearty cheer), and enjoyed hanging out at the football games with good ole' georgia friends.

boy how things change....................

You want to talk about a house divided?

Oh we're divided, alright!

But hope springs eternal.................This could be the year.........This could be the year Georgia turns it all around, This could be the year the Hubby realizes jean shorts just aren't cool (i know, low blow, right), This could be the year he realizes GEORGIA RED and BLACK really are better colors ( I mean, who really looks good in that shade of orange?)

Hey, maybe he'll even buy me that Georgia Flag for the front porch!!

Either way, this fall promises to be a great season for some football, tailgating, and friends.........Now, let's just practice.........GO DAWGS!!
See? don't you feel better ?

Anyone know anything about the Detroit Lyons? I'm thinking of becoming a FAN!!