Tuesday, September 1, 2009

You got to love September!!


Besides the arrival of beautiful weather, the nice change of season, and a great chance to change up the wardrobe.........................


Most importantly, SEC FOOTBALL!!

I have missed being a season ticket holder. Something I had been doing with friends since graduation........I don't think it would be fair to blame my children for the "giving up" of my seats. I have many friends who get to dress their children up in head to toe RED AND BLACK, parade them around campus, quickly hand them off to grandparents, and march into the game!!

I mean, Look at sweet Mary Reese!! Isn't she just the cutest in her favorite collegiate attire???

But we haven't done that...not yet, anyway..........mostly because it just seemed wrong to get them up really early, make them walk really far to the tailgate spot, try and direct grandparents to tailgate spot and hand them off........Ok, actually, it was really because of the drinking....yes, I said that. Selfish, I know, but how great is a day full of tailgating and football!!

Oh, and I didn't marry the right team.

that's right......we're a house divided........VERY DIVIDED.........

Now MY team actually holds the record at 46-38-2 (or 47-38-2 if you are a georgia fan and you count the 1904 win in Macon, GA.) however, I am constantly reminded of the most recent stretch of wins by his crocodiles. Did I say constantly? I mean constantly. For instance, he just peered over my shoulder and was wondering why HIS team picture wasn't posted. Don't worry, I quickly reminded him that this was MY blog..........

Now, in the beginning of our courtship and early part of our marriage, he was such a good sport..
Actually WORE georgia shirts! Cheered (even if he had to lay money on us just to give a good hearty cheer), and enjoyed hanging out at the football games with good ole' georgia friends.

boy how things change....................

You want to talk about a house divided?

Oh we're divided, alright!

But hope springs eternal.................This could be the year.........This could be the year Georgia turns it all around, This could be the year the Hubby realizes jean shorts just aren't cool (i know, low blow, right), This could be the year he realizes GEORGIA RED and BLACK really are better colors ( I mean, who really looks good in that shade of orange?)

Hey, maybe he'll even buy me that Georgia Flag for the front porch!!

Either way, this fall promises to be a great season for some football, tailgating, and friends.........Now, let's just practice.........GO DAWGS!!
See? don't you feel better ?

Anyone know anything about the Detroit Lyons? I'm thinking of becoming a FAN!!


Carly said...

I love this post! Thanks for the Petey Pie's shout out:) We're planning to go to the SC/GA game; y'all in?

holly said...

sic 'em!

Smyrna Townie said...

You know we are going to Stillwater right for the game? Go DAWGS!