Thursday, January 29, 2009

Note to my dad..........

For those that may not know, my Dad spends a lot of time actually IN the Jungle..... The real Jungle, not just the crazy chaos that circles his grandchildren!! I have decided to use my blog as a chance to fill him in on his little grand MONKEYS........So bare with me !!

Oh, and if you are interested in a really cool trip........he's a great trip planner, check out his website! And don't worry, for the "Pampered at Heart" vacationers, he has fancy places too!!

Hi Dad,
Monkeys are great! A little ear infection for Legs, but it hasn't seemed to slow him down any!! I don't think you are checking in with me as often so i hope that means you are so busy selling that you will be home soon. And not that you have turned into a SLOTH and won't be down for months when it's finally time to relieve yourself!! ha ha ha.....You will be happy to know that i graduated top in my class at my driving school! Of course, there were just 2 of us but still! I also got to brag about the Joshua Brown foundation which hopefully helped with extra points. Anyway, I'll keep it short today, so hope to hear from you soon!

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