Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Big Papa got some new stats................

We went for his 18month check up last week.........And it looks like he's Perfect! Just as we suspected :)

33" in height (50-75%)
27lbs (50-75%)
49 1/2 Head circumference (80%....he so smart!)

His height has steadily increased in percentages and is finally catching up with his weight!
He has changed so much so quickly that I want to freeze time!

He loves to skip & jump and laughs with the best belly laugh ever........And the conversations he has with himself or anyone that will listen are hilarious....We can occasionally pick up on a few words but he is absolutely sure of what he is saying! And says it with such conviction you just wonder what is going on in that (80th percentile) head of his!


Carly said...

and he is quite the ladies man...mr says his name no less than a dozen times eah day!

Pinot after Playdates said...

love your blog and those matching crab outfits are TO DIE FOR....such cute kids!!

Angie Callaway said...

Love your blog kristi! it's so beautiful, what program did you use?