Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Funny.......Not funny!!

This weekend, under a lot of peer pressure from friends and family, I went on a girls trip with some of my sorority sisters! Let's just say we have been going on these trips for many, many years. Not that I am that old, right? Anyway, I was able to work out going very last minute (thank you, jeff and betsy)......

Lives have certainly changed and families have expanded but the friendships are exactly the same as they were just a few years ago (ok, many many years ago).

This trip hasn't always happened every single year and the locations vary depending on who's going but I don't think I realized how important or how much I missed going on these girls trips.

I am very aware that I am not where I thought I would be at this stage of my life. Maybe a few surface things are what I thought. Maybe a small percentage is... I am certainly analyzing how to make some changes and although things won't be easy, I am trying to figure some things out.......I realized on this trip, that friendships are INVALUABLE. What I am starting to realize is that these INVALUABLE friendships are with different people. And these different people help make up maybe not who I am through and through but influence what I have become and what I still can become.

Friendships that need to be between "girl" friends, "guy" friends, my children, my mom, my dad, my husband, my family, my MODS (Moms of Oxford Daughters...this got changed to Darlings when our sons were born and then Devils when appropriate....) and a friendship with myself. Unfortunately, I am learning that without a friendship with some key people in my life, hard times are just that much harder....But if the friendships are nurtured, it just might make the good times better and hopefully, the hard times a little easier to take....

Ok, enough of that, how about a recap of a great weekend with a good bit of alcohol consumption, a lot of sun, tons of chatter and sorry, guys, no pillow fights!! Don't you know that is just in the movies????

Anyhoo...........I titled this "Funny......Not funny" because as stories were told, many about kids and husbands, 4 out of the 5 of us would certainly laugh hysterically, but usually the one that told the story, didn't find as much humor....a little too close to home!!

Thank you girls for a great weekend, many great stories, and lots of beers...I mean laughs!!


Carly said...

I love this post and am so glad you enjoyed your girls weekend at the beach! I love being your friend and value the time that we get to spend together! I can always count on you to make me laugh, to have a 12 pack in the fridge, and to bring me fabulous hand-me-downs for sweet MR. You are invaluable and I love you dearly:)

Christi Morneault said...

I am so glad you got to go at the last minute...but I hate that I couldn't be there. I hate that I missed all the girl chat, drinking, and fun....It just ended up being bad timing for me. I couldn't get off work and I hoped to at least be able to come down for the weekend...but with having to be in Auburn all this week it was just going to be way too much. Not to mention poor little Cuyler has been sick for about 10 days now. Hopefully we can get together though before our children are grown.