Monday, May 4, 2009

"Not me!" Monday

A blog that I follow has a funny post called "Not me!" Monday..........It helps us superhero MOMS confess things that, well, we may or may NOT do !!
It could NOT have been any more appropriate for my Monday................

I did NOT almost back out of the driveway without strapping my daughter in her car seat. And it did NOT get brought to my attention as she asked if she was going to ride without her "seat belt". And fortunately, I did NOT have to thank her kindly for her friendly reminder that maybe I shouldn't worry about which "lovey" of the day to bring for each child, and which lip gloss "color" of the day had to be brought, and a mad search was NOT occurring for current "boppy" obsession of the day (aka. paci) for screaming one year old. Oh and did I mention that it was NOT pouring down rain, requiring appropriate "outfit matching" rain gear from said 3 year old.............

Thank goodness, I was NOT on the phone discussing a Starbucks visit (sorry, honey)!!

OH, and I am NOT the only one that can't get the "Not me!" Monday button to work right............nope, NOT me!!

***UPDATE*** Do you think we can talk MckMama into having "Not me!" Tuesday, Wednesday, .......Ok,you get the point!!
I think I have too much to confess.......Does that make me a bad mommy ??? NOT!

**UPDATE #2*** I am NOT hoping to increase my "comment" count!! Really, I'm NOT!! (yeh, right!)


holly said...

lol! fun, kristi!! i just played along, too.

Keri said...

Too funny-- I have so many of these days, too:-)!!