Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Fourth of July !!

God Bless America........truly blessed!!

Work gave us extra vacation days so our celebrating started on Friday.......What? No pictures? Yep, I did it again........Well, Imagine, 7 adorable kids by the pool, swimming, jumping, laughing and splashing....We went to the Welch's pool, swam & ordered pizzas.......Hung out with friends and laughed at the interesting mix of people at this pool....Great times.....And a big shout out to our life guard on duty that fished Big Papa out of the baby pool (no foul play reported so we'll assume all others around were innocent)!! Thanks Betsy!

Then we rolled out and onto the highway for a quick trip to Casa de Michael.....aka "Grandparent's house"

More swimming and a whole lot of eating......We were joined by our "newlywed" friends Kevin & Stephanie and watched a lot of WIMBLEDON!


Christi Morneault said...

Has your Dad resorted to drinking from a sippie cup??? (lol) Looks like you guys had a blast. I am glad you got to relax from all the packing. How is that going anyway?

Petey Pie's said...

Your kids look precious in their
4th of July outfits!!! And that last picture of the "fiya-craka" (as MR would call it) is fabulous!