Monday, March 9, 2009

Weddings, Friends, & TUTUS.............................

The Mama's & the Papa's had a big weekend............requiring not ONE but TWO sitters in one weekend. Not sure when that happened last......seriously, not sure, but anyway!! We crashed some friends wedding in Tennessee and will probably be known throughout their lives as "those" people. We tried so hard to stay in the background but as luck would have it, we were FRONT & CENTER for the ceremony and voila...........FRONT & CENTER for the group photo!! Oh well, it's not very often that we break from the "parent" mold and live on the wild side..........Although, at 8:30pm when we were sitting in our room alone, we did briefly wonder what we were thinking, BUT laughed and considered ourselves the life of the party!! Thank you MAMA Helen for watching the babes!

Looking forward to posting some of their wedding pictures (i did not take a single one) once the photographer sends us the link.......All of our blessings (and none of our advice) to the Bride & Groom, we love you guys!!

Before the sun came up, we were on the road to home racing against time and Sweet little girls first ballet class!!!!!!!!!

With 30mins to spare and new ballet ensemble in hand, we were heading into class.........Video & Still Camera in hand!

We had just the right shoes, just the right tights, and of course, just the right TUTU!! The girls couldn't have been any cuter and the moms couldn't have been any prouder............Proud that nobody tinkled in the just right shoes, just right tights and just right TUTU!!

As we moms were gloating on our precious angels natural ability, we heard the teacher announce that maybe next class the moms should take a hike...........WHAT? We were distracting? How would we be able to document the future Berishnikovs if we were banned from the room??? Oh and for the kids who just couldn't quite keep still? There is a TAP/JAZZ class for a higher energy level available as well..........Now, which one could she possibly be referring too??

FUN TIMES! And I am sure these ballet shoes will be framed, or monogrammed or bronzed!!

That evening, Ms. Kelly came over to play with the babes and off we went to dinner with friends. Jennifer and Michael made great homemade pizza, had great wine, & great conversation...............And Jennifer and I kicked their butts in Taboo! THAT was great!!

Jennifer is a great friend who also happens to photograph my little monkeys!!
Check out her website............ SNAPDRAGON PHOTOGRAPHY you just might see some of my little monkeys!!


Christi Morneault said...

Oh, Look at sweet Emery in her precious TuTu....Cuyler definately needs a sister so I am not tempted to put him in one!!!!

Carly said...

Y'all had a big weekend! Love the ballet pictures and am so proud of our sweet Emery!

Enjoyed our walk today. Lets try to do that once or twice a week!

kristi said...

Perfect! I am wide open this week :)

holly said...

you did it!! proud of you!

Tiffany Lockette said...

Emery is super precious in her Tu Tu!!! I want to become part of this group of Mommies you are involved all sound like tons of fun to be around!!

disa said...

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