Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Southern Sweet Cheeks Surprise.................

So my neighbor has done it again............who knew those late nights bent over the sewing machine would have produced even more cute clothes!! And here I thought I was gonna have to beg and plead to get an original for my monkeys............Now, I can BUY one! (sorry, honey, it's for a good cause)
SHOP & ENJOY.........Check out some of my previous pictures with MR and you'll see just how cute they really are!!


ON A SIDE NOTE: anyone know how to just make a "word" actually be the website? holly?


Kim said...

you can highlight the word in your post setting. then click on the little green world with the link picture above. then paste the website link in. then click ok.
TA DA! :)

kristi said...

wow, could you say that again in kindergarten language :)

holly said...

lol. i'll try to do kindergarten language for you. (forgive me if i go too basic!)

type the word you want to be the link. then take your cursor and highlight that word (place your cursor to the left then click and drag to the end of the word with your mouse).

above the area where you type all your posts there are a few icons in a row ... a b for bold, an i for italic, a globe with a little chain link above it for linking. that's the one you want. click the globe and it will pop open a little window. you can cut and paste (easier) or type (harder) the url where it prompts you to do so. then click ok. now your word is linked.

try it!

Carly said...

You can do it, you can do it, way to help a sista out:)

FYI: I went $40 over on my text message limitthis month. Looks like we're going to have to become better phone buddies.

We're headed to Athens tomorrow. I need to come by and pick up that cheapy vase so I can make Hendley a bithday cookie bouquet. Can you leave it on front porch tomorrow morning?

p.s. dont text me back the answer...

Thanks again for spreading the word!