Thursday, June 25, 2009

What was I thinking??????

Ok, why is it that for a "Garage Sale", you spend days going through all your personal belongings, have internal debates on items to be kept or parted with, more hours spent organizing, tagging, cleaning and displaying the items that will be parted with ONLY TO WATCH IT WALK AWAY WITH A STRANGER..................FOR A DOLLAR!!

Ha! Oh well, at least it will lessen the number of boxes being packed to move........Thank you, friends, for all of the wonderful help....Aren't friends great? I am blessed.........And I really hate garage sales.


Christi Morneault said...

I hope you make the big bucks!!!! Goodluck. I will be thinking about you. I wish I could come help...but with having to checkin Saturday at Lake Lanier for the Aflac Iron Girl and commuting to Auburn everyday this week and Brian leaving for 5 weeks on July 1, I just don't think it is possible. We may stop by to see how it is going on our way up Saturday morning (but it will still depend on what time we can get on the road).

Anonymous said...